Ever since Uber entered the picture, the concept that people would stand out in the sun or in the dark after a long day to avail of a ride has become non-existent, so to speak. Courtesy of the presence of this on-demand taxi aggregator platform it became easier for riders to comfortably avail rides and go from one point to the next without having to wait for a long duration of time.

Since the Millenial generation also known as the GenZ frets at the thought of spending excessive time behind anything, this is why the on-demand concept has accomplished such amount of popularity. This goes particularly in the sphere of on-demand rides as well which we are discussing in the article here.

These solutions are known for their easy operations. All it demands is that the rider share their pickup and drop details, followed by selecting a mode of the ride and making payment thereafter. So, in short, it is extremely simple to use.

This is why the solution has observed its demand growing and the market scope for the industry in the future is extremely bright. Hence, if you are in the taxi business, and are to digitize your operations in 2023, you are at the right place.

I have articulated the steps for performing streamlined Uber like taxi app development, citing the features, and cost to perform the activity. This in the end will assist you to get a stronghold on the future of the billion-dollar taxi industry so that you can successfully become its part without any sort of discrepancies whatsoever.

Amazing Facts and Figures about On-Demand Taxi Industry

Check out these amazing facts and figures to comprehend the lucrative prospect of on-demand taxi apps.

  • Revenues of the on-demand taxi business are to become $332.50 billion in 2023.
  • Growth in profits is to take place at a CAGR of 3.31% between 2023 to 2027.
  • Projected market volume to be $378.80 billion by 2027.
  • The number of on-demand taxi app users is to become 1452.8 million by 2027.
  • User penetration to become 17.4% in 2023.
  • The rate of user penetration is to become 18.3% by 2027.

Observe the graph below to gain insight into the profitable scope of the on-demand taxi industry.

taxi app scope

Image source: statista.com

Look at the graph below to get a perspective on the user penetration rate for taxi apps.

taxi app rates

Image source: statista.com

Now take a peek at the map below to know about the top five countries where these solutions have observed their dominant presence.

taxi apps market

Image source: statista.com

The graphs and map above give testimony of the overall profitable prospect related to the on-demand taxi apps. It is important we now comprehend the reasons for the app’s popularity.

Reasons for the Popularity of On-Demand Taxi Apps

Here are some of the major reasons that contribute to the prominence of these solutions.

Easy Operations

The app first and foremost has extremely simple operations.

  • The customer enters the app and adds location details- pick up and drop, alongside selecting a mode of ride.
  • Makes payment thereafter. Upon doing so gets details of the driver which contains their contact details.
  • The driver receives the rider’s details and thereupon can directly connect with the latter.
  • The ride arrives and the rider gets access to a ride that is safe, and secure.

Has Unique Features

The on-demand taxi app has three main segments namely, the rider, the driver, and the taxi business. Hence, to ensure a smooth line of connection between the three, each of these segments has its respective apps. Simultaneously, these apps come with the most diverse set of features that are:

For Customer App:

  • Social media login
  • Manage profile
  • View rates and cab options
  • Book now or schedule a ride
  • Multiple payment options
  • Push notifications
  • Real-time tracking
  • In-app chat or call
  • View booking history
  • Rate and Review

For Driver App:

  • Easy registration
  • Set availability (On/Off)
  • Accept/Reject booking requests
  • Push notifications
  • Live map navigation
  • Check earnings
  • In-app chat or call
  • Rating and Review

For Admin Panel:

  • Powerful dashboard
  • Manage customers
  • Manage drivers
  • View trip routes
  • Manage prices
  • Manage discounts and offers
  • Track cabs
  • Manage reviews
  • Generate daily reports
  • Analytics report

So now that you have an idea of the different factors that contribute to the popularity of on-demand taxi apps, let's get a perspective on how the prospect of Uber-like taxi app development will benefit your taxi business.

Advantages of Developing Uber-Like Taxi App

Check out these pointers to get a perspective on the different advantages of Uber-like taxi app development for the taxi industry.

  • Boosts visibility for the taxi business providing them a scope to get more user engagement.
  • Acts as a medium to support the cab industry to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Assists in data accumulation-related tasks so that providing personalized services to customers becomes easier.

Are You Ready to Take the On-Demand Taxi App Edge?

Reading these lines, we are sure that you have obtained a perspective on why the on-demand taxi app advantage is recommended. Here it is to be noted, the process is extremely comprehensive. Therefore, one needs to adhere to a wide array of pointers.

How to Perform Uber-Like Taxi App Development?

Research on the Business Model

When you embark on the journey for Uber-like taxi app development services, you must research the business model. This will provide a medium to you, in terms of getting a perspective on the ways you can serve customers better.

Here are the different business models that a typical taxi app adopts:

  • Aggregator model where riders contact booking system providers. Upon doing so the latter connects with taxi operators so that a cab is assigned to the rider.
  • Ownership model where riders get the flexibility to book a cab via their app and go to their desired destination with utmost comfort and safety maintained.

Choose Appropriate Revenue Stream

The ultimate aim of your taxi app is to support your business in boosting its profits. Hence, it is a good idea you make use of an appropriate stream so that you can earn maximum profits from your taxi app.

  • Commissions to drivers on the amount that the driver receives from the rider after successful ride completion.
  • Advertisement fees where brands get charged an amount for the listings on the app platform and the app platform thereafter is provided the support to get its revenues boosted.

Ideate Appropriate Design Strategy

The next crucial step that you need to follow during performing taxi app development services is to ideate an appropriate design strategy. This will allow your riders and drivers to seamlessly connect. It will alternatively also support the rider to easily book a ride and enjoy a unique taxi ride experience when they use the app.

To perform this-

  • Check competitors and the solutions developed by them.
  • Assess the user-friendly nature of the design strategy app has implemented.
  • Study the user's requirements and get a hold of the same.

Use Appropriate Technology Stacks

It is relevant to make use of tech stacks that are appropriate and have been around for a long so that users can seamlessly avail rides through the app.

Here are some technology you can particularly utilize:

  • For Android – Kotlin or Java
  • For iOS – Swift
  • For Frontend – React
  • For Backend – Node.JS, Express.JS, Python
  • Payment Processing – PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, EWallets
  • For Server – AWS
  • Push Notifications – Twilio, Push.io
  • For Database – MongoDB, HBase, Postgres

Connect with an Experience Taxi App Development Company

Since the prospect related to performing Uber-like taxi app development in-house has woes related to consuming excessive costs, get in touch with a reliable company specializing in Uber clone app development.

Examine the portfolio, and experience, alongside the client reviews that the organization has received so far. Thereafter, once you feel that they are competent to handle your project, share your requirements with them and corroborate their understanding to get a prospect of your app idea accomplishing successful fruition.

So What Next?

So now, you have obtained a comprehensive idea of the different steps that are to be followed during Uber-like taxi app development. You have equally obtained a perspective of the beneficial aspect behind developing the solution. It is now important that you get knowledge of the cost.

Estimated Cost to Develop a Taxi App

There are a wide array of factors that are to be considered when it comes to comprehending the budget that one needs to allocate for taxi app development services. This includes app design, features & functionalities, app complexity, location of the company, etc.

However, if we have to provide a rough figure of the cost to develop a taxi app, it is around the range of $12,000 to $20,000. The cost may go high if you go with the advanced features.

On-Demand Taxi Apps - What Does Future Look Like?

Quick and efficient rides have become the order of the day. With on-demand taxi apps like Uber capturing the scene, the prospect for taxi app development services has become lucrative. The market has a billion-dollar scope which makes it all the more a reason to take advantage of taxi app development services. With 2023 here, become part of this market like a pro connecting with a reputed taxi app development company that shares your responsibilities in this aspect and delivers a solution that drives revenues, maximizes user engagement, and doubles up your returns.